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Mi chiamo Nathalie Verrips, born on 26 September 1969 in the heart of Rotterdam where I lived with great pleasure until I was 40 years old.
My background is quite diverse but it has always had to do with people. Personal contact and doing something for someone else is also reflected in what I have done. For example, I was a social service provider, P&O consultant and had my own practice as a lifestyle coach and now I am the proud owner of Bed & Breakfast Casa Vaniglia in Le Marche - Italy.

When I left for Gelderland for love in 2009, it felt like an emigration for me. Not knowing that a few years later, I would actually emigrate to Italy. Even though I am an urban person, I still love being in nature. And I could do that there in Gelderland and it was great when we took a dog. Something I always wanted, but couldn't before. You could find me, together with the dog on a daily basis, walking in the woods or along the floodplains.

But then the rudder changed!
My partner Hans and I had been on holiday in the Dolomites and Toscana before. In March 2015 we had planned to go to Le Marche - Italy. We were going to investigate if there might be a nice little house for sale, which we could renovate during the summer holidays. Once we arrived in Le Marche, we felt right at home. We had never experienced this before, even though we had both travelled a lot. When we saw this house we were in love for a while. Only it was not a small house, but a pretty big hull house. No windows, doors, water and electricity, just walls and a roof. But wow, what a beautiful place and a great view and what a rest.
This is how the idea arose to turn it into a B&B, with the aim to let others enjoy this beauty as well. And so officially in August 2016 the project "from hull house to holiday home Casa Vaniglia" started.

From the start of the project I have mainly lived in Italy to learn the language, to follow the project and to help with the renovation. Because it was a shell house I could not live there and I rented a flat in a village further on Poggi Cupro. It was quite a tough time, especially because Hans couldn't always be there and travelled a lot between Italy and the Netherlands. This is still the case and that is why I run the B&B and introduce myself to you.

After years of renovating I was very happy and proud that the doors could be opened for the guests in the spring of 2020. There were already quite a few bookings but unfortunately the Covid 19 virus threw a spanner in the works.
Later in the season I was fortunate enough to be able to receive guests and I enjoyed that very much and so did they. It was so nice to hear that they felt right at home and to see that they enjoyed the beautiful surroundings and my hospitality. Some guests liked it here so much that they spent days relaxing at the B&B, others booked their next holiday right away. You couldn't get a nicer compliment.

Did you feel like getting away from it all and recharging your batteries under Italian sunshine? That's possible, at Casa Vaniglia you can stay in luxury in a unique place, in the middle of nature in the farmland, away from mass tourism. Here in Le Marche you can still experience the pure authentic Italy with its many picturesque villages where you can eat and drink for a reasonable price. Curious as to which accommodation you can stay with me?

You are very welcome and I look forward to making beautiful memories together.

A presto Nathalie

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